What Really Grinds My Gears – Lack of Education

[Written by my friend Tom Brown. You can find his blog at tomtechguy.wordpress.com]

To quote Peter Griffin, ‘What really grinds my gears’ is the lack of education in today’s society. You can see it everywhere, like when you walk through town and see a gang of youths spray-painting a wall with misspelt obscenities while smoking less than orthodox substances.

Ironically, it’s these people who shout the guteral redneck-esque ‘They took our jawbs!’ ‘They’ being any non-white person in the vicinity. It is infuriating that these people belive they’re being disadvantaged by immigrants with an education while they, they being fat, uneducated morons with a pint of lager in one hand and a copy of white-nationalist weekly in the other.

The solution to this? Education. It is the responsibility of the government to provide educational opportunities for its citizens, by this I mean provide compulsory further education for free up to the age of 21. The current situation is such that allows apathetic youths to drop out of school with no qualifications and almost no hope of a future. Further education provides a chance to get a retail job and perhaps work up into a middle-management level, whereas no qualifications provide almost no opportunity to gain a job, especially since there is such a high demand that sometimes 100 people will apply for a retail job.

And that’s really what grinds my gears.


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