Things That Annoy Me, Part One

There are a lot of things in life that really, really piss me off, and I am going to tell you about them. 

1. Apple earphones, or any earphones for that matter. Why must you always tangle together? I like to listen to music to calm down and unwind, but instead I get more stressed untangle the damn things. A relatively minor thing, but it still ticks me off.

2. Any music that falls under the genres of rap, RnB, Dance. And anything relating to these. Your music sucks, okay? If it isn’t headache inducing bass notes it’s the unimaginative lyrics to do wiu sex and violence and whatever happens to be the appropriate fad at the time.

3. High-class fashion designs/shows. All of your clothes look terrible! Only rich people and stupid celebrities buy your gaudy and idiotic clothes. All your models look like fools in your clothes. Why don’t you go out on the streets and find out what people actually wear. You only have one skill and that is the inexplicable ability to turn crap into the next fashion fad.

4. Reality tv shows. You suck. The people in your shows suck. I don’t like watching crap on tv. Go away.

5. Time differences. It would be a lot better if the the Earth was flat. Time differences just suck, okay? Especially if you’re talking to a friend across the seas and it reaches midnight, because it can still be around 7pm for them! They still have 5 hours free time and you have to sleep. This is partly the reason I’m up until 5am most nights.

These are the first five things that greatly annoy me. There will be more. Stat tuned.


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