Space Marine – Video Game Review

Nearly two weeks ago [9th september] the new Warhammer 40K game was released. Titled Space Marine it involves you stepping into the boots of a Space Marine captain and stopping a planet from invasion.

I was initially very excited for this game when it was first announced, as I collect and paint [never played, far too complicated] the actual models, because I find it very calming. Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of the Space Marines cause the only thing I figured I could do differently was paint them different colours each time, as there isn’t much variation, but nevertheless I wanted this game because I saw some initial screenshots and I thought it looked so awesome.

Space Marine typically a third-person shooter, ‘over the shoulder’ if you will, akin to games like Gears of War. Incredibly gory, and filled to the brim with action, this game is one for the action fans.

Firstly, I finished the game in around 12 hours, at an estimate. It has 17 chapters to fight through and an online multiplayer. I’m going to talk about the campaign first, and then move onto the online.

In the campaign you play as Captain Titus, of the Ultramarines chapter. They are the blue and gold ones, if you didn’t know. Your mission is initially to stop an army of Orks from invading a planet where the mightiest of warmachines, the Titans, are built and stored. Now I’ll give you an idea of why it’s important, the Titans are hundreds of feet tall and are capable of killing entire armies with pretty much one burst from their weapons. And the Orks are trying to take over the place were they are built. Yeah.

So anyway, you and your two ‘battle brothers’ are called in to stop the orks and protect the Titan manufacturing place. After an explosive entrance where you single-handedly crash an ork battle cruiser onto the surface, you must fight your way into the facility and kill pretty much anything with green skin. Now, I won’t delve into the story any further, spoilers and all that, but suffice to say it goes pear-shaped quite a bit and you end up having to save the planet from other people too.

The game is filled with around 15 weapons to get your hands on, and to obliterate the enemy forces with in a bloody hail of bullets or plasma. With four types of melee weapons and 10 guns [the last weapon type being your grenades], there isn’t really a limit on the kind of havoc you can cause your foes. From the ripping teeth of your Chainsword to the thunderous crunch of the Thunder Hammer and from the burning plasma from the Plasma Pistol to the hot lasers fresh from the Lascannon, you can reduce your enemies to dismembered piles of flesh to puddles of lead-filled gore in any way you please.

Added in some areas is the bulky Jump-Pack which Titus will wear for certain periods of time. Allowing you to jump many feet into the air, it allows you to execute a devastating ground pound which can stun, and sometimes kill, your foes, while also giving you the advantage of getting to higher ground.

So far in the online multiplayer there are only two modes of play, Annihilation or Seize Ground. Annihilation is your standard TDM [Team Deathmatch], while Seize Ground involves you capturing specific areas of the match to reach a certain amount of points. The game splits you into two teams, the Space Marines, or the evil Chaos Marines. They each have three different classes which include the Tactical/Chaos marines, the Devastator/Havoc marines or the Assault/Raptor marines. The Tactical/Chaos marines are your standard infantry type troops, able to have 1 [or 2 with the correct perk] of 6 weapons. The Devastator/Havoc marines are the heavy types who can hold 1 of 3 turret type cannons. And finally, the Assault/Raptor marines are fitted with Jump-Packs and fight with one of three melee weapons.

Now, at the moment the highest level you can reach is 41, alluding to the fact that Warhammer is in the 41st century. It would be nice if there was a patch released to add more levels, but to do this they would also have to make new weapons and armours and such. I read somewhere that 30 days after the game’s release, they would be adding an online co-operative ‘horde’ mode, which I imagine involves fighting off waves of enemies.

There is some degree of customisation, as there are multiple armour sets to unlock, and there is the ability to change your armour colours, to really personalise your character. There are five different ‘appearances’ you can have for each team, so you can have 5 different armour sets and/or colours, which really allows you to play the game as you see fit. There is also the eventual abilty of having 9 different weapon loadouts, although you initially start with 1, which means you can have spawn with a multitude of different weapons each time. I have noticed that there are enough loadouts to have three of each class, which is really enough to be able to use all of the weapons in the game.

If you bought and completed the first level of the XBLA game, ‘Kill Team’ you would have unlocked a new weapon, the Power Sword, for multiplayer. I hope at some point they release that for standard purchase however, as I don’t really want to spend my money on a game that I’m only going to play one level of.

In conclusion, Space Marine is a very enjoyable, and slightly addictive game. However I think the story is only really excitable enough for one playthrough, unless you want to try the game on Hard difficulty, to which I say: Are you insane?!

I would give this game a 9/10, for the aforementioned reason. I do hope they make a sequel though, the character of Titus is just awesome.


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  1. October 17, 2011 at 4:25 am

    made my way to your page from google and and am glad i found it, hope you keep up the good work

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