Things That Annoy Me, Part Two

Yes. It’s time for the next five things that annoy me. Part two of I-don’t-know-how-many. What I do know, however, is that these posts will probably always have five points in them. These five are aimed at different types of people. If you’re someone who does these things. I automatically loathe you. And you should get off of my blog. Seriously.

1 [6]. People who ride those crappy little scooters around town, motorised or otherwise. You don’t look cool, and the sound they make drives most rational people insane. If it’s motorised, get a proper motorcycle or just don’t bother. If it’s one of those tiny things that are pushed with your foot, they look stupid on anyone over the age of about 8. If you’re like 13 or 14 you just look like an idiot.

2 [7]. New relationships that are broadcast all over Facebook. This is made much more annoying if the people have been going out for like a day, and then your wall fills up with seemingly endless posts like “I love you so much <<<33333”. Yes. WE KNOW YOU LOVE THEM. Shut up about it! You only need to say it once on your wall, every other time is just unnecessary.

3 [8]. People who think they are better than you just because they know slightly more about certain subjects. Shut the fuck up. You’re an asshole.

4 [9]. This is similar to 3/8. People who think they are better than you, because they have more money. Screw you. How about instead of using your parents’ inheritance to fuel your insatiable shopping habits, why don’t you help the poor? You stuck up bastards.

5 [10]. People who, on public transport, sit their with their crappy, over-popular phone out blasting crappy music for the rest of us to hear. Chances are, we don’t want to hear your music! Either put in some headphones, or get the hell away from us.


2 Responses to “Things That Annoy Me, Part Two”

  1. 1 Esc
    September 28, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    So true about Facebook relationship statuses!

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