BioShock Infinite: The Start of a New Chapter

[Originally written, February 27st, 2011]

What comes to mind when we think of BioShock; Rapture, Big Daddies, and creepy little girls with giant needles. Well BioShock Infinite takes these and throws them away, as we are taken to the floating city of Columbia, nearly 50 years before Rapture. Like its predecessor [or successor], Columbia is a now a dystopia. It was a city that flew around promising to take people away from the proverbial hells of the ground. But something went wrong, and now no-one knows where Columbia is.

Bioshock Infinite

In BioShock Infinite, you play as Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent tasked with liberating a woman called Elizabeth from Columbia, who has been imprisoned there for ten years. One of the new things about BioShock is that your character actually talks! After three years of waiting, we finally receive a character that isn’t a mute! There are new weapons and new plasmids [You can’t have BioShock without a healthy dosage of plasmids!]. ElectroBolt is still there, as is Telekinesis. But the recent ten-minute gameplay trailer showcased a new plasmid called ‘Murder’. Once activated, it allows the user to summon a murder of crows to attack the enemy [rather like Insect Swarm from the previous games]. The trailer also showcased a shotgun-esque weapon, and a bolt-action sniper rifle.

Telekinesis has received a major upgrade. Instead of just pulling and throwing like the other games, BioShock Infinite gives a lot more bang for its buck [so to speak]. In the trailer the player was seen wrenching a shotgun from a person and turning to the owner, before killing them and taking the weapon for themselves. Soon after this, the player caught a freshly fired cannon shell before redirecting at the cannon, to blow it sky-high!

Elizabeth is found early on in the game, but the real trouble with it is that it will be extremely difficult to get her out of the city. Elizabeth has a big role in the game, as you can merge your powers with hers to power up massively. In the trailer she creates a large cloud, which the player electrifies to make a lightning storm to mercilessly kill a large group of attackers. It is made clear quite visibly that using her powers has a negative effect on her body, as she soon starts coughing heavily, and eventually gains a nosebleed for her troubles. According to the creator, Ken Levine, the player does have a choose whether to use her powers or not.

Travel has differed greatly from the bathyspheres, or the Atlantic Express. The player jumps from place to place on a zip wire/tram-rail type thing, via a small wheel object attached to the hand.

BioShock infinite, although the third game in the series; has actually been in production since 2007, which was when the first game was released. It is currently in its third year of its ‘5 year production time’, which means it is expected to be released in the latter half of 2012 [assuming the world has not ended ;) ]. It is going to be released on the Xbox 360 and PCs again, like the previous two. Even though it is only in its third year of production, the recent trailer looks like it is nearly finished! So it is a big mystery to what they are still doing.

I have always liked BioShock, ever since the first game was released, and I left this world to the dystopian Rapture, where I faced off against my first Big Daddy. Back then it was a huge accomplishment [as well as a huge relief] when we won the fight for the Little sister, and a disappointment and annoyance when we failed. I am a huge fan of the BioShock series, and frequently play both games to death, so myself [like hundreds of other people] are avidly awaiting the day it is released, and the day we can finally play its awesome goodness.

So 2012 hurry up and bring us BioShock Infinite! [Or, Irrational Games, release it earlier ;) ]


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