Things That Annoy Me, The Final Part

Three is the magic number, apparently. This is the final part in the series of “Things That Annoy Me.” I kind of ran out of things in this one so they’re pretty much just random, and mostly minor, points.

1 [11]. I am certain that I will get called a homophobe for this this but… certain gay people annoy me greatly. Not every one, and before I continue, I don’t have a problem with them, but some of the ones that are all in your face about it really annoy me.

2 [12]. Phrases like “oh my days”, “sick” and “reem”. -shudder- I find this way of speaking despicable and..just plain wrong. Please refrain from it.

3 [13]. Things that have little to do with their titles. For example, my friend was reading a book called “The River King” and as far as she could tell it had nothing to do with rivers or kings. Misleading? I think so.

4 [14]. Spiderman. He’s just annoying, and very whiny. And most of his enemies are under-par with other superheroes/heroines. I am disappointed Marvel.

5 [15.] The lack of hovercars/boards/boots etc. Science needs to evolve quicker. I personally think we should at least have proper jetpacks by now. Ones that let us fly for hours. I know science is getting better and better but it needs to go faster!


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