A Friendly Dedication

Of all the people we meet in our lifetimes, there are those that stick with you through everything and are always in your mind and thoughts.

These people are more than friends and even greater than best friends. They are the people who will never be forgotten for as long as you can live.

Today, I would like to mention someone of great importance in my life. I can’t say their name so I will be calling them by their favourite colour from here on. Yellow.

I think ‘Yellow’ safely holds the title of my best friend in the world, no contest. Always being there in my many, many times of need, she [yep, she’s a she] has helped me more than any doctor ever could. Always listening without question and helping with advice and statements to help the mood, she can never fail to make me feel better, apart from that one time we don’t talk about.

We have a lot in common so it is a lot easier to be friendly to each other and to have conversations that can last the entire day. We differ in some areas, like in which colour is better for example. Which [if you’re reading this] is purple. Yellow sucks. It’s a lame colour. Also in our opinions of sport. It’s gross and stupid [I argue].

We differ in opinions about appearances too. For example, I believe that I am no eye-catcher. In fact I’m probably one of those people you’d see in the street and pay absolutely no attention too. “Yellow” on the other hand, things so differently. I’m handsome apparently.

There is only one great, great restriction in our friendship. One that drives me insane and one I wish that didn’t exist. And that is the Atlantic Ocean…and a few American states. It’d be nice if they moved out of the way.


This is for you.  🙂


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