My Frustrating Ability to Anger and Annoy People

If you’re reading this, I have news. I have found that I have this “amazing” ability to annoy and anger people accidentally and without effort. In my (un)social life I hold onto friends with great difficulty as this “ability” is only there to make sure I stay alone forever. I could be having a perfectly normal conversation with someone and then I might do something or say something, which I think is reasonable, and then BAM!, I’ve annoyed them into anger.

For example, yesterday I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was distracted all day. But I wasn’t distracted by anything in particular, I was just distracted. Now, it’s hard to engage in conversation with your friends when you’re not actually paying attention to anything they’re saying and if you try to talk while you’re distracted, you are probably going to make comments that seem normal, but are in fact quite rude or anti-social [If you’re reading this, I’m sorry by the way].

Even if I try to make a joke, it can hideously backfire, especially if the person I am telling the joke to doesn’t get it. Cause then the next words I say will probably be something along the lines of “Oh my god!” and then something like “You suck”. This second part is usually never meant, but it works well enough to offend the person into anger, and then the whole tone of the conversation is ruined.


I have a great social ineptitude. I’m terrible.


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