My 2012: A Year of Anticipation

So.. The year of the Dragon, AKA 2012 to everyone who isn’t Chinese [no racism intended], has been on us for almost a month now and it’s given me time to think about the year. More importantly, what I am most anticipating this year.

It’s mostly movies and video games.

2012’s First Quarter: January – March

Firstly: Resolutions. I didn’t make any. I don’t really believe in them cause I can never commit to anything easily. But, saying that, I have decided to try and read all of my books. I have around 20, 25 books that I haven’t read yet. Some of them I got in 2010, and I keep managing to acquire more.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2“: Putting aside all the bugs and problems it had, I really enjoyed the first game. The story was really good and the characters were pretty cool. And it was pretty awesome to have a whole games dedicated to snipers. So far all I’ve heard for the second is “March 2012”.

Aliens: Colonial Marines“: This only just fits into this section, because the release date is “Spring 2012”, and Spring is March-May. I LOVE Alien/Aliens and [not counting most of the AVP game from 2010], there hasn’t been many good games set in this universe. And it’s being made by Gearbox Studios. So it’s probably already awesome.

2012’s Second Quarter: April – June

Dragon’s Dogma“: Medieval styled games don’t often appeal to me, for example, I pretty much loathe the Elder Scrolls. I’ve never really seen what’s so good about it, but Dragon’s Dogma caught my eye, because it seems pretty unique. You can upload your in-game teammates to a server where other people can download them into their game. And they retain all of their knowledge that they’ve gained from your world/game save. Which is pretty neat. Also some of the fights look awesome.  If you don’t believe me, go on YouTube and check it out.

The Avengers“: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! This is probably my most anticipated movie this year, probably of all time. Finally all the Marvel movies that have been released recently pay off. The Avengers are probably one of the best teams ever, sporting a cast of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America among others. Robert Downey JR, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, SAMUEL L. JACKSON.

Prometheus“: Now this was originally going to be a prequel to the awesome Alien, but since then it’s evolved into it’s own original movie. Apparently it’s still in the same universe though, and there are supposed to be A LOT of big references to the Alien series. Which is pretty swell. And it’s got Ridley Scott directing.

2012’s Third Quarter: July-September

The Amazing SpiderMan“: Forgetting Tobey Maguire, I kind of enjoyed the last three SpiderMan movies we’ve had, but this reboot is supposed to be much, much better. In this one Peter Parker actually has the web-shooters he has in the comics, and not the weird natural webbing they randomly gave him last time. The Lizard is the villain, which I am anxious to see, because I’ve only really seen him in pictures. Comic/Cartoon pictures. Also it has Emma Stone which is a good reason to see any movie.

The Dark Knight Rises“: To be honest, I’m not overly hyped for the next Batman movie, but I figured that since I saw Batman Begins and The Dark Knight I should probably see this too. It’s got Bane and Catwoman this time around, and I do hope they’re better than the last time they were done. The last time we had Bane was in Batman and Robin, and it was abysmal. Truly dire.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter“: The book this is based on is incredibly cool. It’s basically a book about the history of Abraham Lincoln [with genuine real facts] but with added sections about his secret life as a Vampire hunter. At first I was slightly apprehensive but I found out it’s got Tim Burton as a producer and that put me in my place.

Borderlands 2“: Oh my, I loved the first Borderlands game and it’s one of my favourite games of ALL TIME. The sequel, however, is supposed to be like, 100x better or something. New characters, new NPCs, new villains. Millions of new, randomised guns. Unfortunately the Guardian Angel and that infernal annoyance, Claptrap are returning too.

2012’s Final Quarter: October – December

Taken 2“: Taken was a great film. And I will watch virtually anything with Liam Neeson in it. Because anything with Liam Neeson in it is a great film. Except The Phantom Menace…when Liam Neeson was the ONLY thing good about it. IMDB are still calling it “Untitled Taken Sequel”, however. What I know that after he saved his daughter in the first movie, Mr. Neeson himself is taken by the father of one of the kidnappers he killed.

Unknown dates

Halo 4“: I really enjoy the Halo series, and it’s one of my favourite series. So far the only info I can find is that it is the start of a new trilogy, being called the “Reclaimer Trilogy”. The only things I can find about the release date is “Holiday 2012” so I am assuming this means close to Christmas-time. One thing has annoyed me. While Halo 4 is being released on the Xbox 360, apparently 5 and 6 are being made for the next-gen console.

BioShock: Infinite“: The BioShock series is my favourite series of games of all time, even surpassing the Legend of Zelda…which I love. A lot. I have been waiting avidly for this to be released since I first found out that “Project Icarus” was a new BioShock game. I am apprehensive, but also excited, to be somewhere else than Rapture, but I’m worried about how the Plasmids [or Vigors, as they are in Infinite] will turn out, as they go away after a certain amount of uses.

So that’s how my 2012 is turning out. Completely dominated by video games and movies. OH WELL. I’m going to enjoy this as much as I can. After all, we’re all gonna die on December 21st.



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