Game Review – DLC Quest

My friend bought me a special bundle of five PC games the other day and I’m going to talk about one of them; A fun and quirky little satirical game called DLC Quest.

Created by Going Loud Studios, DLC Quest is a fairly short game [it only took me about 10 minutes] completely satirizing the world of large video game companies and their need to constantly release DLC [Downloadable content, for those who don’t know] for their games.

The game satirizes this to the max, with the “DLC” you must buy being important things like the sound and the pause menu. There is a slight story mentioned at the beginning of the game, wherein a princess is captured by the villain. You are then greeted with a message telling you that you must buy DLC to continue, and that there is no “moving left”.

This allows you to simply move to the right, picking up enough coins to buy the “Animation Pack”, or the “Sound Pack” etc. The animation pack animates, meaning you actually move, instead of just gliding across the floor.

The main aim of the game is to pretty much just gather the floating coins scattered around the map, to be able to buy each piece of DLC needed. The humour, although simple, was actually incredibly funny. I for one found the description of the “Double Jump Pack” hilarious.

“We heard you like to jump so we put a jump in your jump so you can jump while you jump”

I would recommend this game if you want something to ease stress, or to just relax for a little while. The humour is well done, and the music is incredibly addictive and catchy. My only complaint is that I thought it was too short.




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