CraftStudio – A Promising Endeavour

A couple of months ago CraftStudio was released to the public. I was introduced to it by a friend and after little deliberation I immediately registered and downloaded the software [while it’s still free].

CraftStudio is a [currently] free-to-download piece of software that is in its Pre-Alpha stages of development. It’s planned to be an all-in-one modeler, texturer, map-creator, scripter and publisher. It will allow you to create, script  and [eventually] sell your own games to the public.

Created and released by Elisée Maurer of Sparklin Labs, it only has the modeler/texturer and map creator implemented [so far]. It also has a Scene section, which is also the one part I haven’t really looked into. But I do know that it allows you to place models into your maps, so you can see how they look together.

One of the really great, and innovative things about CraftStudio is that everything is in real time. This means that if you are playing with other people, you can both see what the the person is doing, what their camera angle/position is and even what they are currently creating/painting. It’s really great and allows you to correspond with the other players greater than before. I love this feature, and it is one of my favourite things about it.

Currently if you log onto the software you can join the Public Test Server and join in creating and modelling with the rest of the CraftStudio community. However, there is also a server software that you can download which will allow you to host your own private server.

I’ve logged a fair few hours into this endeavour and I am really enjoying it. It’s fun, easy to use and you can mock up some pretty decent stuff in an hour or so of playing. I believe that this will be a great piece of software as it gets updated more and more.

If you’re intrigued, go check it out! It’s free, and super easy to use. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!


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